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Simplify the management of your social channels.

Social media marketing can be tricky, especially if you need to navigate through multiple platforms to get your message across. The digital marketing team understands the need to merge your requirements, which is why Staples powered by Webware provides you with the expertise, tools and support to take control of your social media channels. With Social Hub, our team can communicate with your followers and monitor all your social network accounts from a single platform.

Simplify Managing Your
Facebook, Twitter, Blog, and Email

With Staples Powered By Webware, you don’t have to stress about logging into multiple accounts to execute your marketing efforts. Our team simplifies the task of managing your digital channels by taking over the management of your Facebook, Twitter, blog, and email accounts into one, central hub. We will monitor all of your client communications and reach out to customers quickly and effortlessly, regardless of their preferred channel.

Social Media Management USA

Keep Track Of Your Social Channels

Social Media Marketing Services in USA

Creating & Scheduling Posts For You

Our digital marketing team will create posts to easily share across your social networks. From the Social Hub dashboard, our team can easily choose which social networks you want to post to and then create your post. Posts can be shared instantly for pertinent or urgent customer notifications, and can also be scheduled for a later date. Our team is here to assist and ensure consistent engagement with your customers and prospects.